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  Name D.M.Lu      Tel Ext 3539, 1010
E-Mail : dmlu@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph D., National Cheng Kung University
Expertise Mechanical Design、Mechanism Design

Name C.H. Chen     Tel Ext 6949
E-Mail : chchen@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Chemistry, Louisiana State University, USA
Expertise high polymer is processed,electron uses the high polymer material

Name M.S. Tsai      Tel Ext 6937
E-Mail  : tsaims@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Materials Science, National Cheng Kung University
Expertise powder formating,Chemical machinery,Grind nano material

Name C.L.Chu      Tel Ext 3544
E-Mail :  cliang@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph.D., National Taiwan University
Expertise Micro/ Nano Measurement System Development, Opto-Mechatronic System and Practice

Name S.C.Wang     Tel Ext 3548
E-Mail : scwang@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph.D,Institute of Materials Science and Engineering,NationalTaiwanUniversity
Expertise Nano materials, Ceramic composite, Microstructure characterization

Name Mei-Hsiu Shih   Tel Ext 3723
E-Mail :  Meihsius@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University
Expertise Organic synthesis,Biochemistry

Name C.L. Chiang    Tel Ext 6943
E-Mail :  chiang@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University
Expertise Biochemical project,Nano material project

Name H. R. Lin     Tel Ext 6935
E-Mail :  hrlin@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Materials Engineering, Auburn University , USA
Expertise High polymer material

Name C.C.Wu      Tel Ext 3541
E-Mail : wcc@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph D., National Chiao Tung University
Expertise Jig and Fixture, Patent and Innovation Practice, Material Science of Phase Change, Preventive Maintenance, Semi-Conductor Material Analysis

Name C.H.Wei    Tel Ext 3525
E-Mail :  chingwei@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph D. , New Jersey Institute of Technology
Expertise Thermodynamics, Forced Convection, Electronic Cooling, Experimental Analysis of flow pattern

Name Cheng-Chien Wang   Tel Ext 3725
E-Mail :  ccwang@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University
Expertise Polymer chemistry,Chemical equation,Waste water treatment

Name C.H.Chuang    Tel Ext 3543
E-Mail :  chchuang@mail.stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph.D., National Cheng-Kung University
Expertise MEMS, Nanomachining, SPM

Name Wen-Tuan Wu      Tel Ext 3622
E-Mail : carowu@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Physics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Expertise Photoelectric material,Thin Film Technology, Optoelectronics

Name Y.C.Li    Tel Ext 3546
E-Mail : maxli@stust.edu.tw
Degree University of Missouri-Columbia,USA, Department of Nuclear
Expertise Engineering Solar energy engineering, Nuclear engineering, Refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering
Tel Ext 3546

Name Y.C.Hsu     Tel Ext 3549
E-Mail : yichu@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph. D, University of Washington Department of Mechanical Engineering
Expertise Bio-MEMS, sensor, actuator, transducer

Name W.C.Chang    Tel Ext 3560
E-Mail : wcchang@stust.edu.tw
Degree Ph. D.,The University Of Birmingham , England
Expertise Fuel Cells, Internal Combusition Engine, Thermal Fluid Dynamics, Anti-Emission Technology



Name chen,arh,hwang   Tel Ext 6937
E-Mail : chenah@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Optical Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan Unive
Expertise Polymer Materials, Composite Materials.



Name hsien ching-dong    Tel (06)2533131-35
E-Mail : nliou@stust.edu.tw
Degree PhD in Optical Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan Unive